The 2 Key Issues When Ordering Firewood For Your New Home This Winter


Winter has arrived and for many Australians, it's time to start making sure their home is warm and cosy during the colder months. For many people, stocking up on firewood for the open fire or wood burning heater is the most important task. If you've recently moved into a property that uses wood to produce heat for your home, then you may be inexperienced when it comes to purchasing firewood. Here are the two key issues that you'll need to consider.

1. The type of firewood

The different types of firewood that are available commercially will vary depending on the region that you live in. Generally, you'll find a combination of hardwood and softwood varieties. While hardwood may cost a little more, it's definitely the best option.

Softwood may be cheaper than hardwood, but it also burns far more rapidly. You'll use it up faster and will need to buy more sooner. This makes any savings on cost a false economy. Hardwood produces a smaller flame than softwood, but it burns very slowly which means each log will last longer and will also produce more heat.

If you have an open fire, it's important to consider how much a firewood will spit out sparks. Certain timbers, such as Gum varieties, have a high resin content that may produce a lot of sparks. While red gum firewood, for example, is fine for a wood burning heater, which is enclosed, it's not ideal for open fires unless you have a good quality fire screen.

2. Where to store your firewood

When you order a load of firewood, you'll be buying seasoned wood that has been dried out for the required period. To maintain the low moisture levels in the wood, you'll need to ensure that you have a dry and sheltered place to store it.

The ideal way to store firewood is in a proper woodshed or another building that has a solid floor and can be completely shut off to the elements. If you don't have a woodshed, then an area that is sheltered from the rain is the next best option. Wood that isn't stored in a weatherproof building may need a day or two indoors next to your fire to remove any atmospheric moisture that it's absorbed.

Avoid placing the firewood directly onto the ground. Old pallets covered with plastic sheeting make an easy and cheap way to prevent ground moisture from compromising the dryness levels of your wood. Covering the wood pile with more plastic sheeting that is weighted down at each corner will further protect the wood.

If you're unsure which type of firewood is the best choice for your home this winter, then contact your local firewood supplier. They can let you know what types are available and which one is best suited for the fire or heater you'll be using it in.


30 May 2017

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